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MAQUET (Siemens Elema)

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Model Part NumberDescription
Servo 300/300A6038991SASD- pressure transducer
Servo 300/300A6039965gas module
Servo 300/300A6056472expiratory inlet moisture trap
Servo 300/300A6068196expiratory connection tube
Servo 300/300A6068295expiratory valve tube
Servo 300/300A6079979bacteria filter (50/pack)
Servo 300/300A61509293k hour maintenance kit
Servo 300/300A6169119expiratory outlet with non-return valve
Servo 300/300A6169176gas module, air (exchange)
Servo 300/300A9344185non-return valve w/valve disc 26.5mm
Servo 300/300A6079886Eexpiratory channel complete w/flow transducer
Servo 300/300A6204296E1k hour maintenance kit
Servo 300/300A9004979O2 sensor (genuine)
Servo 300/300A9004979RO2 sensor (replacement*)
Servo900A/B/C6395420flow transducer
Servo900A/B/C6605729adult Y piece
Servo900A/B/C6696678cup for water trap
Servo900A/B/C9004979O2 sensor (genuine)
Servo900A/B/C9004979RO2 sensor (replacement*)
Servo900A/B/C90051411K hour maintenance kit
Servo900A/B/C9341090snap-in holder
Servo900A/B/C6343420E037Esilicone rubber connection piece
Servo900A/B/C6425581E037Etube joint adult for FP humidifier

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